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Referát medzinárodnej spolupráce / International cooperation office

Dear exchange students,
Due to the cyber-attack on Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica all our electronic systems are not functional. Therefore our International Cooperation Office can NOT view your already submitted online Application Form and provided documents.

We kindly ask you to fill in again new Application Form via provided link:


We would also like to inform you on the new temporary e-mail address used for the communication with Incoming Students Coordinator at MBU: umbincomingstudents@gmail.com.

Please provide via email (to: umbincomingstudents@gmail.com) following documents - deadline is 15th July, but appreciated as soon as possible:

  1. transcript of records - your previous study results at home university
  2. language certificate - any document stating your level of English
  3. Learning Agreement - signed study plan (signature of student and sending university is mandatory).
    Please be aware that only the current Course offer (provided to you in previous email) is available at the moment. In case of any change in the Course Offer for 2023/24, which will be forwarded to you once all systems fixed and available, you will provide either the new Learning Agreement or you will mark changes in the part "During the mobility/changes".
    We accept Online Learning Agreement (through a platform). However, it can happen that your home university does not operate on such a platform - in this case, another form of Learning Agreement is accepted.
  4. copy of your valid ID (EU citizen) or valid passport (NON-EU citizen)
  5. copy of the valid residence permit card (NON-EU citizen with issued temporary residency in other EU country)

The Learning Agreement will be signed by the hosting university ONLY once all these mentioned documents forwarded to us.

Acceptance Letter will be provided electronically only to the NON-EU citizens and ONLY once all mentioned documents forwarded to us.

Schedule of AY 2023/24 and arrival

  1. Winter semester - lessons+exam period is from 18th Sept 2023 to 3rd Feb 2024; arrival needs to be min. 1 week before the start of the semester to be able to integrate a bit and attend the Welcome Week event organized by ESN 1 week before the start of WS
    * if you wish to stay in the student dormitory, you can be accommodated already from 4th Sept 2023, but the Arrival Document will be confirmed to you ONLY from the 11th Sept 2023 as the first day of the Welcome Week event;
  2. Summer semester - lessons+exam period is from 5th Feb 2024 to 22nd June 2024; arrival and dormitory possible between 2 - 4 Feb 2024; Welcome Week event organized by ESN will be during the first week of the SS.

Insurance and Visa

  1. check on the visa with consular or embassy;
  2. EU citizen needs to have European Health Insurance Card valid for the whole duration of stay in SVK (request with your home insurance provider); NON-EU citizen needs to secure the commercial travel insurance for the whole duration of your stay in SVK.


  1. mark your request in the Application Form;
  2. payment via internet banking before arrival for the whole semester (bank details will be provided to you via email, price cca 69 EUR/1 person in the triple- room;
  3. more info will be provided in a separate email once all systems are fixed.